Our Vision

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TRO Vision

In view of the observations afforded TRO as it grew in knowledge and stature, it became evident that the vision for the company had definite parameters inside of which TRO Maintenance Solutions would take responsibility as Advocates. Through a transfer of knowledge from TRO to maintenance managers and their staff, clients are guided in successfully transforming their maintenance departments from “firefighting status” to “fire prevention status”.


Thus, TRO has evolved into becoming more than a service provider for CMMS. TRO Maintenance Solutions is an Organization made up of seasoned professionals acting as advocates for maintenance management, where maintenance management is defined as: The management of all assets owned by an organization, based on maximizing the return on investment in the asset. Using the analogy of the child who crawls before walking and walking before running, TRO facilitates a maintenance approach that allows each organization’s maintenance department to become efficient in healthful stages.


As advocates, we are the voice for maintenance departments in guiding them through the process in obtaining sufficient resources to do the work at hand and bringing departments to the stage of being able to do the work on their own.


For additional informational on our approach, please refer to Our Solutions.