Employee Training

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TRO Employee Training

The training and education of today’s workforce is essential to ensure the safety and skills required to operate and maintain the high tech equipment now being installed in plants and facilities.


At the present rate of technology change, it is critical that the technical skills of the workforce be kept current. Consider your automobile. Would you want a technician who has not been trained on your latest model to work on your car?


Employee Training involves ensuring that the individual understands and can apply the concepts learned. Our training philosophy is that as Maintenance Management Advocates, training does not stop after the session is complete. It takes time for individuals to digest and apply the things learned. As such, TRO recognizes the need to be available for any follow up that is required. Our “after training protocol” includes telephone support and periodic site visits to assure training is on track.


TRO has certified instructors available for training on the use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS); 5S Strategies, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM); Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR).