Data Collection

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TRO Solutions Data Collection

Asset collection must be performed for every piece of equipment in the manufacturing process and facilities maintenance. This requires professional personnel who are trained in safe lock-down procedures prior to data collection, followed by safe start-up procedures when the data collection for that asset is completed. It is no job for a summer student. As the data collection on each asset is completed, which includes component parts, these parts can then be catalogued and inventoried by Stores for future reference, either as a stores item or as non-stores items. Should there be a breakdown, the needed part(s) can then be readily accessed.


When these steps are carefully followed, any Department of Labor official will be much more willing to take the signature of a licensed journeyman as the authority for the safety of the equipment in its day-to-day function.


TRO has the expertise to supply to your Organization the professionals needed for a safe, complete asset/data collection program.