Data Sort

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(CMMS) Tips – Data Sort

Databases sort in ascending order on key fields by default.


This is the difference between going from 1, 10, 11..2, 20, 21 etc, and going from 01, 02, 03..09, 10 etc.


If you want line 1 equipment to be displayed all under line 1, you need to make sure line 1 is identified as the prefix of the number. If child equipment records such as motors move around, you want the software to identify a generic number. If you have 100 air compressors and use a counter methodology to signify how many air compressors are present in the facility, the first air compressor needs to be numbered 001, allowing it to be the first one displayed.


TRO can organize your data including the sort order (ascending / descending) of key fields.