Our History

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TRO Our History

TRO Maintenance Solutions was established in 2001 shortly after the tragic events of 9/11, After TRO’s founder, T. Richard Beer was unexpectantly laid off, he had a decision to make. The decision was whether to go out and conduct a job search or, attempt some kind of business venture. After spending two memorable weeks with his children at Disney World, he returned with the decision to launch an implementation service of CMMS packages for two specific purposes. Firstly, to provide the flexibility that was needed to nurture a growing family in a positive way and secondly, to provide the income necessary for the family’s material needs. With these goals in mind, T. Richard Beer decided that he needed to develop a name for the company that would continually remind him of the reasons for the existence of the organization.


The seed of how TRO Maintenance Solutions came into being, started with the decision to use the first initial of his given name, along with that of his children, thus T (Ted), R (Ross), O (Olivia) became the “call letters” of the new organization and when applied to the industry the company would serve, it would stand for Task, Repair, Operations as it applies to maintenance management solutions. TRO would become an advocate for sound Maintenance Management practices, starting with effective CMMS implementation strategies.


Just as Mr. Beer saw the need to nurture his family, TRO provides the same care for the family of organizations it serves. The name is a constant reminder of the purpose, as well as the vision and goals the company would work toward in the future.