A WEEK OF CMMS: Inventory

The objective is to have effective inventory control, such that parts are available when required. Before scheduling equipment maintenance, a CMMS would determine if the necessary parts and supplies are in stock. By identifying what parts are used for each job, both stock items and direct purchases, an accurate usage and expense is maintained in the equipment record.

This information can be used by management to determine the utilization of stock items and the associated carrying cost. Building a relationship within you CMMS could show where parts are used. This would allow a trades-person to quickly identify what parts are needed for a job, and cross references to other equipment.

In a multi-warehouse environment, parts not in stock at one warehouse can be transferred from another warehouse, providing an opportunity for reduction in downtime and part purchase. This can have a tremendous impact on returning equipment to production when a part has a lengthy lead time.

The key in having a successful inventory component inside a CMMS is making sure that the physical warehouse is organized such that the software reflects what is physically on hand.